Step 4: Nearing Competition

During the construction process, we meet with our clients many times. This usually happens on the site, so we can walk through the progress while discussing details. A lot of our value comes from keeping clear, open lines of communication, and we take pride in the availability that we provide our clients with. As this is a collaboration, your voice is no less important than ours or the subcontractors performing the various levels of skilled labour. As we move toward completion, you can be as involved in the process as you like, and we will adapt to find ways to properly keep you in the loop.

Our experienced team of experts have created practices that allow our clients to move comfortably through the planning phase, as well as the construction and renovation process, in a step by step manner throughout the entire process. This process includes choosing the materials, hardwood, fixtures, and hardwares, and then moving on to the many layers of demolition and construction. Though we will lend as strong of a hand as our client desires, our job is to help each of our clients build the custom home of their dreams, and our past clients will assure you that we do this incredibly well.

Once the job has been completed, our work is still not done. If you have any questions at all, or find that our work in any regard is not passing the test of time, our warranty guarantees that, within reason, you will still have access to our assistance. We have tremendous amount of experience dealing with residential and commercial construction; we’ve been doing this work and compiling successful projects for over 15 years. Our expertise in both the construction and renovation fields puts us above the rest. We have earned a reputation as being one of Toronto’s best, and we look forward to showing you why.