Step 3: The Build

After the required demolition is complete, we take the opportunity to visualize, measure, and share ideas regarding efficient implementation of the new design and concept in the space. While building our excellent new amenities, we will also take time to tie up loose ends left by previous handymen and contractors, including the common examples where previous workers have cut the joist and structure of the house to be able to do electrical, plumbing, or wall removal without considering the load from all over the house.

It’s not uncommon for simple repairs and replacements to be required before construction begins, such as replacement of rotten plywood and hardwood that is underneath old tiling. Sometimes aspects of plumbing and electrical are not up to current provincial code, too. There are many common issues that we find, and we will fix them all without adding expenses; our quote covers all the contingencies that happen during the work.

When we begin building, our team of professionals is trained to recognize potential, and we often notice fresh opportunities that can improve the design tremendously. If our client is excited by these discoveries, we will make most changes without adding extra charges. If this new idea is going to substantially add more labour and material, we will charge the difference if the client approves of the cost. Many contractors find ways to raise costs during construction, we don’t do this; we simply want to do the best work that we can do. All of our sub-trades are accustomed to performing at a very high level. They are also very honest, reasonable, communicable, and easy to work with. Their congeniality and professionalism is rare to find.

The owners of our company are on the sites every day, observing the work, ensuring proper progress, and leading the sub contractors. Our job sites are impeccably organized and clean. We are selective about the projects we choose, and never over-commit. Every project that we finish is unique, and we always manage to create something that we are proud to attribute to our brand.

Our goal is always to create something that is timelessly stylish. We use a lots of natural elements in our designs our creations have a tangible, organic flow. Our designs are clean and comprehensively detailed. Our materials and finishings are among the best available in the market. We work with you to create something that will satisfy both parties. We have only one method: doing the job right.