Step 2: Devising a Plan

Many of our competitors insist on choosing the finishing of the project before the building has even begun; this is not ideal, as it costs clients the opportunity to make a fully realized and informed decision. They also have you select from their aged showrooms or previous catalogues, without considering your ideas for customization. Our ability to make concise projections about how the project will eventually appear allows us to guide your decision making by extending the best possibilities for your consideration.

Our way of working alleviates the extra costs and price raising that happens in the process of many of our competitors, as our lines of communication with the various contractors is clear and we can communicate with you and make changes simply and with ease. We allow you to see the progress of the build, and go through our process in a step-by-step manner in a way that none of our competitors could achieve, even if they tried. We run our operations with honesty and integrity, and believe in keeping a healthy, transparent process for our clients to participate in.

After detailed discussions with our clients and contractors, we design all of the millworks; the kitchen cabinets, built-ins, custom closets, vanities and more, and then we show it to our clients. If the client approves, we start production-- if not, we go back to the drawing board. Our detailed decision making opportunities allow us to collect input on every aspect of the design, including cabinet doors, profiles, materials, colors, door-handles, and doorknobs.

As our client, you’ll be exposed to top-of-the-line tile, flooring, plumbing fixtures, countertops suppliers to choose your finishings. We come with you to show you the possibilities, but also to make sure that you choose materials and finishings that practically suit your project.

Our perspective helps you understand the options and clearly consider the wealth of possibilities. Our execs are very experienced and provide amazing insight: Arash is a structural civil engineer that is rare to find in other companies, meanwhile Ramin has had a lot of successful experience in design and layouts. Our team is dedicated to creating a plan that will allow work to flow smoothly and alleviate as much error and malfunction as humanly possible.