Step 1: The Quote

The first step is receiving your completed quote request form. Then, we evaluate the form, and the potential site; we crunch the numbers to see if the vision can be realistically constructed within the proposed budget. We work quickly and efficiently, whether it is a medium-scale renovation or a brand new construction. Our experience allows us to create an extremely accurate estimation based on the general details of the project. We are the ultimate one stop shop for homeowners, and take care of the entirety of the project, creating open, easy lines of communication and efficient workflow.

After we have received the online quote form, we create our first ballpark estimation. Though not 100% accurate, this will give you a general idea as to if the project will be affordable for your budget. If things look positive, we will then organize a site visit. Our five-star reviews prove that we are one of the best contracting agencies in the region. If you are looking for high quality construction with premium service and top-of-the-line materials, we are the right solution for you. We keep a modest workload to ensure that each and every job is completed to an impeccable standard, adding value to your property in a professional and impressive way.

Visiting the site allows us to meet and talk with our clients face-to-face, hearing the ideas and “wish list,” and discussing the ways in which these things can be implemented. Hearing about our innovative methods and practical, purposeful way of working often leads our clients impressed with the integrity of our operations.

Our firm quote won’t change once it’s been calculated, and encompasses all costs; since we are taking control of every aspect of construction, we offer one grand fixed-price total, rather than complicating things by breaking the process into smaller increments. If you decide that we are the right company for you, we will create a comprehensive contract, and bring it to you so that every term and condition is agreed upon and discussed before the contract is signed.