1. The Quote

The first step is receiving your completed quote request form. Then, we evaluate the form, and the potential site; we crunch the numbers to see if the vision can be realistically constructed within the proposed budget. We work quickly and efficiently, whether it is a medium-scale renovation or a brand new construction. Our experience allows us to create an extremely accurate estimation based on the general details of the project. We are the ultimate one stop shop for homeowners, and take care of the entirety of the project, creating open, easy lines of communication and efficient workflow.


2. Devising A Plan

Many of our competitors insist on choosing the finishing of the project before the building has even begun; this is not ideal, as it costs clients the opportunity to make a fully realized and informed decision. They also have you select from their aged showrooms or previous catalogues, without considering your ideas for customization. Our ability to make concise projections about how the project will eventually appear allows us to guide your decision making by extending the best possibilities for your consideration.


3. The Build

After the required demolition is complete, we take the opportunity to visualize, measure, and share ideas regarding efficient implementation of the new design and concept in the space. While building our excellent new amenities, we will also take time to tie up loose ends left by previous handymen and contractors, including the common examples where previous workers have cut the joist and structure of the house to be able to do electrical, plumbing, or wall removal without considering the load from all over the house.


4. Nearing Completion

During the construction process, we meet with our clients many times. This usually happens on the site, so we can walk through the progress while discussing details. A lot of our value comes from keeping clear, open lines of communication, and we take pride in the availability that we provide our clients with. As this is a collaboration, your voice is no less important than ours or the subcontractors performing the various levels of skilled labour. As we move toward completion, you can be as involved in the process as you like, and we will adapt to find ways to properly keep you in the loop.