What is a General Contractor

A general contractor makes a contract with the property owner to take full responsibility of completing a home renovation or home addition project. Also known as a builder, remodeling contractor or building contractor, a general contractor usually handles most medium and large construction jobs. A contractor is responsible for hiring a tradesman, providing all the material, equipment (such as engineering vehicles and tools) and other services required for construction of a project. Specialized subcontractors are hired who directly work under the supervision of the general contractor to complete the construction work.

Choosing a general contractor wisely can play a crucial role in the successful completion of your project. In fact, even having good contracts, plans and construction documents may not be able to save you from a manager who lacks to coordinate a project with skill and integrity. Always choose a contractor who you trust and are comfortable working with. For this, taking the decision for paying a little extra to hire the right person will not be regretted.

Responsibilities of a General Contractor


Implementation of Plans

To complete the project in a timely manner, a general contractor is required to implement a plan. Workers are hired and provided with step –by step instructions that need to completed within the set budget and within the scheduled competition date.

Engage in Payroll Functions

Since it is the responsibility of the general contractor for hiring and supervising employees, the home owner doesn't have to worry about every aspect of the project.

Acquiring Permits and Licenses

Obtaining necessary permits and licenses (building permits, zoning permits) from authorities before the start of construction is essential, a good general contractor can help you acquire them. This can help avoid external and internal issues with the property before begins.

Law Abiding

When starting construction work, a general contractor must do a thorough research regarding the rules, regulations and laws of the construction process. This ensures that the construction work is lawful with no issues in the future.

Implement Change

The general contract is responsible for monitoring and supervising a project. Since it in their scope to implement changes, it is the duty of a general contractor to discuss changes if necessary for the productivity and betterment of the construction.

Work Within Given Budget

When working on a construction project, a general contractor should ensure that all cost and spending are within the working budget. Taking the budget allocations seriously during the construction process can help the home owner against hidden fees.

Deal With Emergencies

Since unavoidable circumstances can sometimes occur, a professional and responsible general contractor will help by suggesting honest and effective solutions to problems.

Why Are General Contractors Important?

While you may think a big home renovation or addition project is a huge undertaking, an experienced general contractor has the ability to see the big picture with clarity. While helping you pick and choose every detail you want added to your project, general contractors understand how to tackle it from start to finish. At Fresh Home Innovations, we use our Design Build approach to bring innovation to all your ideas.