What is Design + Build

Design-build is a system of delivering a project, where a single company contracts the design and construction services. Having a single entity complete the entire project of designing and building helps in streamlining the process of home renovations, home additions, and custom homes. This is mainly because only a single contractor will be responsible for the entire project, from the design stages to completion. A team of professionals work together to provide both the construction and design services under a single contract. It is an approach embraced in the recent years that require less time, resources and effort for the property owner. In turn this reduces the overall costs and the risks that occur during the construction process, while maintaining a high quality end product, creativity, and innovation.

What can Design + Build companies do?

As a design-build company, we provide both construction and design services. This eliminates the traditional approach for construction process, where, the design services are provided by a different contractor from the one providing the construction services. What happens is that, professionals from both design and construction sectors are brought together under one roof. Design professionals such as engineers, architects and architectural technologists work together with the renovation, construction, and building professionals under the same contract of a home owners particular project. A collaboration is made between the two teams to come up with a good end result.

Through the collaboration, all the work from estimation and assessment, to architecture, schematics, engineering, construction and post-construction is done by a single company. It is due to this that companies that specialize in providing design and building services have recently come up. When a design-build company is contracted, work is completed by that company without having to get other contractors involved.

What are the benefits of Design and Build?

Having provided design and build services for quite some time, there are several reasons why this approach is preferred when it comes to your project. It has been embraced due to its simplicity and effective way of delivering the design and construction process. This means that the benefits are more than the limitations. Some of the major benefits that come with design-build approach of delivering construction service include:


Rapid Delivery

Rapid project flow is delivered in one phase, other than having to deal with two phases; the design phase and the build phase. Through this, a rapid work is done while still more desirable output is provided.

Smooth Process

The property owner has a much greater experience getting all services from one company. It eliminates the agony involved when dealing with different contractors. Hence, there are no conflicting interests. Instead, one entity is responsible for the overall design and build project. Also, there are no breaks in between the construction process when trying to shift responsibilities from one contractor to another. All the work from the design to the foundation work is done by one contractor and can be moved along quickly.


Better Solutions and Value

Bringing different professionals with different skills enhances productivity. When people work together, they combine efforts and ideas. This brings out the best result since they are able to come out with a specific solution to some of the problems experienced during design and construction process. Due to the collaboration, then transparency and quality services are provided. This in turn results to the realization of a better value for the build-design service providers.

Improved Communications, Fewer Problems

Both parties work together through an open communication among the team members, while a proper understanding of problems from both teams is experienced. Communication is always key in solving any kind of problem. Hence, due to the openness among our experienced team, good and effective solutions are created. With this, the property owner will deal with less problems with the ongoing project and reach the desired idea.


Increased Savings, Reduced Project Costs

The cost of hiring a single company to do the whole construction and design work is relatively lower than having two or more contracts open. Different contractors will bring your project cost up higher, making it more costly for no added benefit.

Improved Time Saving

Due to the smooth nature of the design-build approach, less time is spent in supervising teams and in dealing with issues during construction. Time spent in negotiating and managing two or more contractors is instead diverted to more useful activities. In addition, your project moves along efficiently and is likely to complete before or on schedule.

Our Design + Build Construction Company

With all the above information about design-build approach, there is a company that can solve all your problems and worries concerning the best design-build company for the construction of your building. Then there is no need to worry any more. Our company partners with architects, engineers and construction professionals across Toronto and Ontario, to build the perfect teams for all our clients wishes. Fresh Home Innovations is among the best design-build companies in Canada, and well known for solving clients’ problems, while creating innovating and inspiring environments for their ideas.

There have been complaints from several people, due to poor construction and design services offered by some of the construction contractors, our team will help in solving such problems and turning those bad experiences to good and remember-able experiences now and in the future. This is by providing good, reliable and quality services on time, and within the desired budget. Through our clients, we have gained the best experiences that would enable us provide the best home renovations, home additions, and considered by our clients: expert custom home builders.